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Handmade Crystal Energy Wands

Handmade Crystal Energy Wands

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Wands are conductors of energy. Both its own energy, and the energy within you and that of your intents.

Which will you choose? When you feel a connection, the wand will better serve you in your energetic practices and manifestations.

Both the Sun and Dragon wands were crafted to be a combination of Rose Quartz and Rainbow Fluorite. Rose Quartz is known as the Universal stone of Love, while Rainbow Fluorite aids in mental clarity, focus and also acts as an auric shield. 

The Pentacle Wand is a combination of Strawberry Quartz and Rainbow Fluorite as well. Strawberry Quartz is also great for love, but moreso in the fashion of self love and healing emotional wounds. 

The Egyptian Wand was crafted with a combination Rainbow Fluorite and Chrysocolla. Chrysocolla is especially useful for calming during emotionally turbulent times, promotes level headedness, a calm environment and aids in reducing irritability. 

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