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Symbolry Incense

Symbolry Incense

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Y'all, when I say this is some of the best incense I've ever smelled, I'm not playing.

Symbolry Incense has become a favorite of mine! It's a women owned small business and they hand make all of their incense in custom blended, small batches to insure top quality. It's some of the best quality I've come across in quite some time ✨️✨️✨️

I wanted to test everything before I brought it to you guys! They definitely pass all tests with flying colors!

So, here are the blends I have available! Each pack has 24 incense sticks and they burn for quite a while!!

Apple Cider - mmmm, if I could eat this, I would! Because it smells just like warm apple cider on a cold winter day!

Candy Cane Lane - it smells just like a candy cane at Christmas time!!

Snickerdoodle - a warm blend of cinnamon and vanilla! Makes you feel like cozying up by a fire!

Strawberry Blonde - a delicious sent of Strawberries and vanilla, a very "Strawberries and Cream" kind of scent! Love it!!

Divinity - it really does smell divine!! A wonderful mix of sage, sandalwood and herbs. 

⚖️ Balance - a wonderful blend of Bergamot, Musk & exotic floral notes. It was created with gender neutrality in mind so that all can enjoy this wonderful scent. 

💭 Dream Factory - was created for the Symbolry owner and founder in honor of their favorite artist, Prince. Dream Factory has a nice light Lavender scent with other floral undertones. 

🕊 Sanctuary - an amazing blend of Frankincense, Myrhh and Rose. This would be amazing for cleansing or using near an altar space. 

💖 Summer of Love - a wonderful blend of Patchouli and Sandalwood! Very uplifting and joyful! 

✌️Tranquility - nice warm and spicy notes with a musky blend and Citrus undertones. Perfect for chilling out, downtime, and providing that extra touch of calm when needed.

🌌 Transcendence - this is their spin on a Nag Champa blend, just lighter and fresher! A heady tropical scent starting with light floral notes and ending with a pleasant blend of Citrus and vanilla! 

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