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Rise and Awaken - Ostara Box

Rise and Awaken - Ostara Box

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✨️💫✨️💫✨️Rise And Awaken✨️💫✨️💫✨️

Yeeeesssss, Ostara, the spring Equinox! It is upon us friends. You know what that means, right? That means the awakening and rebirth of our beloved Earth, and with that, us as well!! For we are a part of her and she a part of us. As Above, So below, As within, So without.

As the Earth re-awakens, new life is birthed. She sheds the old and what no longer serves her. So this is the perfect time to release and let go of old habits, old mindsets, toxic situations & people and all those heavy, dense and tumultuous energies. It is time to Rise and Awaken 🌄

Within this box you will find many tools to help you release what no longer serves you. However I must add that your most powerful tool is you, your intent and the belief in your own power. Yes, these tools can help you perform many rituals and cast your magick! But you have to believe in yourself and know that the universe hears you and is working with you, for you 💜💜💜

Many items are included in this Ostara box! You will receive a break down of each item and how to use it. I've included my own handmade Florida Water, my handmade incense, my handmade essential oil blend, my handmade rose tealight candles, my handmade black salt blend, my handmade Fire & Ice Quartz bracelet, as well as an ethically sourced and harvested Sage and Palo Santo bundle, a beautiful Abalone shell, a Rose Quartz Athame and an intuitively chosen crystal point. I will also be including my one of my very own handcrafted spells from my BOS that corresponds with these tools.

I took a lot of time in crafting and creating many of the tools in this box. A lot of thought and energy went into this 🩷 This type of work is my passion, my heart 💜💫✨️

This is a limited collection, and I only have 6 boxes available currently. However, if these sell out and there is more interest I can certainly create more. I just won't be able to guarantee you receive it by Ostara.

Each box is only $50 + S&H👀😮👀😮👀

When you break it down, that's massive savings!

I truly appreciate you guys support! I hope everyone loves this as much as I do!

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