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Labradorite Feather Necklaces

Labradorite Feather Necklaces

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These are super FLASHY, high quality Labradorite feathers 😍💜

They are flashy on BOTH sides too! The feathers are each 4" long and very detailed. These are beyond gorgeous! 

Each Labradorite feather is on an adjustable 20" stainless steel chain. 

I made one for myself because I felt so called to these feathers and also to test how it feels around the neck. I wore mine out to karaoke the other night and it didn't bother me or get heavy at all!

Labradorite is known as the Shaman's Stone amongst various indigenous tribes in Canada. It's long been said that Labradorite gets its flash from passing through the Aurora Borealis!! 

How cool is that?! 💫👀

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