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Handmade Smoke Cleansing Kits

Handmade Smoke Cleansing Kits

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I created some handmade Smoke Cleansing Kits! And I reaaaaallly like these, they're so amazing!

Within each kit is my handmade Protection essential oil blend. This oil is an almond oil base, so please be aware in case you have treenut allergies. I recommend using this before you begin your smoke cleansing process.

Also within each kit is my handmade sage bundle, one of my handmade rose candles, a beautiful Abalone Shell, a Palo Santo stick, a Selenite stick, a mix of crystal tumbles and a Turkey feather wrapped and beaded by me 💜💫✨️

Everything has been ethically sourced so as not to add to especially the sage growing issues. I had debated using Eagle feathers, but there aren't a whole lot of eagles around here and I'm not harming an animal for feathers. I just won't. ✋️✋️✋️

I have 5 kits available, each with a different design!
Each kit is only 💲55 + S/H 🔥🔥🔥
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