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Handmade Crystal Infused Bath Soaps

Handmade Crystal Infused Bath Soaps

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These are my beautiful handmade Shea butter soaps! Each bar of soap is also crystal infused too! What does that mean? Each bar of soap has a crystal tumbled stone within! The more you use it, the closer you get to the crystal! 

These are super lathery soaps! A little goes a long way! And they'll leave your skin feeling super smooth too. 

There are 3 scents available:

Forest Herbs - A musky and earthy scent

Lavender & Sage - Just that! A wonderful mix of Lavender and Sage! Not overwhelming, slight but pleasant! 

Ocean Goddess - It's almost like a breath of breath air mixes with that just after the rain smell! Relaxing and reinvigorating! 




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