Shall We Bubble

Shall We Bubble

The number one question I get from people just starting out on their path is "What is your #1 piece of advice?" I used to hem and haw over this one. There is so much that is important about the witchy life! Everything! You expect me to pick out one thing?! Much less the MOST important thing?! (Cue in dramatic music... duh duh duh duh) Calm your pits kids! I'm just joking! I actually do have a #1 piece of advice for everyone!

In my personal opinion, learning to protect yourself is #1. I'm not talking about guns and weapons! Although there are some divinely wicked athames that can be very fun! (SHHHH, it's not time to play Dark Side!) What I am talking about is energy and shielding. Yes, it is highly important for empaths, psychics, etc - but everyone can and should practice this simple technique!

Since everyone and everything is energy, and we all constantly interact, there's a constant energy exchange. Energies bumping into each other all over the place and it just gets crazy sometimes! But fear not! We can make it not so crazy by developing our own personal energy shield. How? Well quite frankly like anything else in life - through practice and more practice!

Your shield comes from within. It is your own personal energy projected outward and around you. Now how do you do this? First off, take a few calming, relaxing breaths and release any tension you may be experiencing. Breath is key to everything. After you feel relaxed, take some time to feel your energy within. Some have a tingling sensation, warmth, or even coolness. It may come from your belly or around your chest. Sit with that feeling, picture what it looks like. Does it have a certain color? Is it dense or light? I tend to picture my energy sort of translucent with a rainbow sheen affect - almost like soap bubbles, but more thick.

Now you're going to envision that energy coming out of you and wrapping around you. Not as in skin tight, but like a force field or as I said for me, a bubble. This is a completely intuitive process, and unique to yourself. So take your time, feel it out. Once you feel comfortable and know you're encompassed by your energy, that's it. That is your shield.

Yes this is particularly important for empaths and all intuitives alike. But anyone can do it, and I highly recommend it for everyone. I personally practice using my shield on a daily basis. Why? Because I'm an empath as well as a developing psychic who is also clairaudient, clairsentient, and claircognizant. That's hella overwhelming peeps. Sometimes just downright exhausting. So shielding is one of those things that protects my energy, and sanity! And it can yours too!

Your shield guards you, protects you. It keeps the negative energies out and the positive in. But I'll also add this, your shield can be a magnet too. How so? Again, it's energy. And like is called to like. So if you're keeping your energy more happy and joyful and projecting that out and around you, guess what's going to be attracted to you?? You got it slugger - more joy and happiness!

You can do lots of things to strengthen your shield. I highly recommend breathwork, and if you don't know what that is don't worry, I'll be covering that topic too. Also, crystals! Yes friends, crystals! Yet another love affair of mine! But alas, I digress. If you want to boost your shield, get some black tourmaline, obsidian, or even clear quartz and carry it in your pocket! But most of all - practice, practice, practice!

Well that's it for today folks! I hope you enjoyed today's content and find it helpful! Stay tuned because there's much more to come! Have questions? Would you like to see a particular topic covered? Awesome! I'm always open to ideas and love connecting! Shoot me an email - or just simply message me here within Wix!

💫💜Your Ultimate Woo Woo Witch,
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