noun, plural ca·thar·ses [kuh-thahr-seez].

the purging of the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions, especially through certain kinds of art, as tragedy or music. Medicine/Medical. purgation. Psychiatry.

  1. psychotherapy that encourages or permits the discharge of pent-up, socially unacceptable affects.

  2. discharge of pent-up emotions so as to result in the alleviation of symptoms or the permanent relief of the condition.

I use this process often - discharging pent up emotions. Catharsis is actually quite important, and I'll tell you why. I'm a big believer in energy. Everything is energy, from the air we breathe, the words we speak, to even the laptop I'm using right now to type this. Different energies have their own densities and frequencies, etc. And that right there is why the process of catharsis is so vital. Occasionally (or often) we just have to purge and cleanse for the sake of our own sanity and well being. It's honestly one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, especially considering the current climate.

One of the things I frequently use to cleanse is water. Especially showers and baths - water is my place of healing. I swear I was a mermaid in a past life, time or universe. I can swim or be in water all day and night, and I'd be happy as a lark. It was sometime last week I took a 2.5 hour long bath and just sat in complete silence. I filled the tub with hot water, put in my favorite bath salts, added in some clear quartz, amethyst and rose quartz crystals, then lit some incense and just laid there.
No music. No tv. No cell phone. No outside distractions whatsoever.

Just me and the water, and it felt beyond amazing. I let my brain go through all its thoughts without any judgements or harsh words... and then it too became silent. That's when I laid my head back and just breathed. Long, deep, body filling breaths and then released.

I breathed in the steam, feeling the warmth go through my body.

I breathed in the earthy aroma of frankincense and felt my body relax.

I felt the clean water moving around me, like the gentle sway of a boat rocking.

For a while, everything melted away. And in that sweet gentle silence, there was nothing. Completely nothing. A delicious space of .... tranquility. I laid there like this, in this almost other worldly state for quite some time. It seemed like an eternity yet wasn't long enough when I did finally open my eyes. But my heart was filled with gratitude. Gratitude for the tub I lay in, for the water and salts that cleansed me, for the chatter of my mind that waned into silence, for my brain sending the signal to open my eyes, for the long deep breaths I inhaled and exhaled...

I laid there thinking about every single thing I had to be grateful for. My brain just naturally gravitating towards all the wondrous beauty in my life - my hubby, my kids, our home we live in, the food in our bellies, everything! And then all the other crap, all the tension and stress from the past several weeks seemed not to matter as much. Not that there wasn't a significance to it all - just more so that my body, mind and soul decided to not allow it to weigh me down any longer. I released it because I knew that holding on to any of it served no purpose.

Self care, it's a beautiful thing. It is absolutely, positively, 100% necessary. Without it we become bogged down and blocked up. Miserable even. And that's just no way to be.

But when we listen to the internal pull and nurture ourselves in whatever fashion we feel called to, we free ourselves. Free ourselves from the shackles of endless mind chatter, from the densities we carry within, from all the shit we know doesn't serve us or do us any good.

What's the lesson?? Take a bath. It'll unfuck your life.

No, but seriously, follow the pulls you feel within. I ignored them several times in my life and after a period of time shit blew up. The pull I've felt for a long time now has been to slow down. To take it all in. To enjoy, let go and let flow. And most importantly, to love and care for myself. I neglected me for so long, too long and I wound up seriously hurting myself. Take it from someone who knows, take time for you, it's exactly the catharsis you need.

Have you been experiencing any pulls lately? What have you felt called to do? What are those internal aches and nudges? Have you followed through or ignored them? Share what's on your heart, mind and soul. Yet another form of catharsis - blogging, journaling, and sharing thoughts! As always, I truly hope me sharing my words and experiences helps whoever needs it!

💫💜Your Ultimate Woo Woo Witch,
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