A Way With Words

A Way With Words

I've always been told by many and various people that I have a way with words. Even when I was working in the healthcare industry my manager at times would have me proofread her emails before sending them out. She said I was "just better at that stuff", and so I'd acquiesce her request.

Thankfully I'm past those days! Now any emails that get proofread by me are my own! Occasionally the hubby's or my kids! But I don't mind that. I'm able to educate my children on creative verbiage if you will and show them just how powerful words can be. That is what I'd like to speak about today - words and their power.

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Many of us are taught as children that "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". Well, I'm here to tell you, words can hurt. More often than not, it is the words that are spoken that hurt us most. At the same time, words can also send waves of love and healing to whomever they are being spoken as well.

Words are magic my friends. We program our words, through our thoughts and intentions. Those very thoughts and intentions carry energy. That's why when you speak, the intent of what you say can be felt. This is also why music can have such a profound affect on us. We listen to the words, we feel the energy and connect. Words are energy, and that energy is very powerful.

Within the last few years I've made quite an effort to monitor my words and how I use them. Yes, I'm still human and sometimes say shit that I shouldn't. It happens... But I try to be more conscious of exactly what I'm saying and how I am saying it. Out of everything that we can do, this is one small effort and step towards the right direction. No, I don't believe in sugar coating shit. That's not who I am. But at the same time, I don't wish to be cruel either.
As I continue posting on my blog, you'll get a feel for exactly who I am. I am real, raw, extremely honest, and not afraid to voice what I think and feel. I encourage others to do the same - because in my book, honesty is the best policy. Honesty promotes integrity, and integrity helps to form the bonds of trust. Honestly, I feel in general that's what many people have lost these days, integrity and therefore trust.

So as time goes on and you read more of my blog posts, that's just one of my many hopes! That we get to know and trust one another! I also do hope you'll continue reading my blog! I have many plans and ideas and am super excited to be able to connect with so many people! For now, I wish you a very fond farewell my friends.
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