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Handmade Witch Bells

Handmade Witch Bells

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You guys like my mini witch bells?

Each set has different crystals!

🪄1 has Blue Goldstone and Sodalite

🪄2 has Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine

🪄3 has Howlite and Amazonite

🪄4 Citrine and Lemon Quartz

🪄5 has Amethyst and Clear Quartz

✨️Blue Goldstone is known as the Stone of Magic and aids in confidence and ambition while Sodalite encourages healthy verbalisation of emotions.

✨️ Clear Quartz is the Master Healer and amplifies the properties of all other crystals while Green Aventurine is stone of happiness and optimism!

✨️Howlite strengthens memory, soothes and calms while Amazonite dispels negativity and balances masculine and feminine energies.

✨️Citrine cleanses the chakras and amplifies abundance while Lemon Quartz boosts concentration and aids in memory retention.

✨️Amethyst is known of the Stone of Sobriety and dispels anger, fear, rage and anxiety.

Just 💲25 each (taxes and shipping not included)

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