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The Woo Woo Tribe Monthly Subscription

The Woo Woo Tribe Monthly Subscription

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Welcome to the Woo Woo Tribe!
I truly appreciate you supporting me and subscribing to the Woo Woo Tribe! I thank you with all my heart! Your time and energy, as well as mine, means the world to me 💜✨️

📢🔉Allow me to explain exactly what the Woo Woo Tribe Monthly Subscription is!

As part of your subscription you'll receive access to an exclusive Private Group. This is a rich and sacred space to discuss anything and everything Woo Woo, taboo, outside the "norm" and not commonly accepted.

We don't hold back here - we are our genuine, whole, total, and complete selves! No witchy topic goes unbroached.

In this space (and as part of your subscription), I'll be sharing with you very special content that's near and dear to my heart. Such as: pages from my very own grimoire, my hand crafted spells, rituals that I've crafted and performed, pages from my herbiary, daily tarot draws, weekly astrology reports and much much more!!!

Also, as a Woo Woo Tribe member you will get early access to new products and inventory before the general public. That way you'll get the chance to snag those special pieces you connect with before anybody else!

THAT'S NOT ALL! You'll also receive MONTHLY discounts and coupons directly to your email that can be applied to your orders. And you guys know me, I love giving freebies! So with EACH order you'll receive a special freebie! It could be jewelry, tumbles, stickers, you name it!! 

Last but not least, you'll also receive a special Woo Woo Tribe Welcome Box from me! It's my special way of saying thank you 🙏 Thank you for supporting me, thank you for seeing me, and thank you for trusting me enough to include me on your journey and path!

You get all of this and more for only $28 a month, shipping included!! You can't beat that with a stick!

And don't worry, you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time, no questions asked!

Once you subscribe you will receive detailed instructions on how to join our group and your goodies will be shipped out to you within a 7 day time frame! I like to hand select items for each member, it's more personal this way!

I hope you enjoy your subscription and if you have any questions at all you can always contact me at!
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