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Denae's Witchy Woo Woo Creations

The Woo Woo Cleansing Kit

The Woo Woo Cleansing Kit

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Bath Salts
 Alright y'all, this one has been a long time coming and a long time in the making 💜💫

This has been a project of love and passion, one that I've taken my time crafting. And I'm glad I did because otherwise it wouldn't have turned out so well.

Without further ado, I give you my very own handmade Woo Woo Cleansing Kit 💫💜💫
There's many different options available and you get to pick and choose which items you want within your kit!!

Everything has been handmade and crafted by me! 🦚😁 Everything from the flowers, herbs, etc grown in my garden, to the essential oils thoughtfully crafted, right down to the labels on the bags!

Each Cleansing kit contains a large bag of bath salts (there are 3 different options), a handmade bar of soap which contains wonderful crystal surprises (there are 4 soap options available), a handmade soy wax candle (3 different options available), as well as a beautiful sage bundle! And yes, my sage is ethically grown and sourced. All of this for just 💲45 plus tax & S/H!! Guys, this is beyond a steal!!

 There Are 3 Different Bath Salts Options:
🍋 Greek Goddess - a fruity, floral refreshing scent that will leave you feeling renewed and invigorating!
🌌 Dark Goddess - a mix of lavender, activated charcoal and handmade floral essential oils! This mix is crafted with the intent of reclaiming your inner goddess and power to reactivate your soul fire!
💖 Goddess of Love - a lovely and divine mix of rose petals, oils, pink salt and pink clay. This mix was crafted with the highest intents of love for self and for being love in all its capacities back into your life.
 There Are 4 Different Handmade Soap Options:
💗 Goddess of Love - made with the same ingredients as the Goddess of Love bath salts (minus the salt), so therefore they naturally pair well together! However, that is completely your choice!
🌊 Ocean Goddess - who's my ocean lovers out there?! This particular soap is reminiscent of ocean spray on a perfect day. Crafted to leave you feeling relaxed and renewed it pairs well with Greek Goddess.
🌿 Lavender and Sage - exactly that, lavender and sage! The perfect mix of herby and floral it gently grounds and centers. This pairs very well with Dark Goddess!
🌳 Forest Herbs - Last but certainly not least, Forest Herbs is a lovely mix that smells like the trees after a fresh rain. It's very renewing and brings forth a sense of contentment. This would pair well with any of my handmade bath salts!
 There Are 3 Different Candle Options:
🌹 Pink Rose- crafted with roses from my garden and handmade essential oils (and lots of crystal surprises) it's a very beautiful light scent and pairs well with Goddess of Love.
💙 Blue Lavender - This also has a very light and pleasant scent of lavender. It pairs very well with Dark Goddess!
💫 Clean and Calm - this has a light citrus and
floral scent that when burned gives a very uplifting energy. Pairs very well with Greek Goddess!

 Sage Bundles 🌟 Each bundle is crafted with ethically grown and sourced sage! Paired with Palo Santo and selenite this amazing bundle will aid in clearing out unwanted and heavy energies. I personally like to sage and palo santo myself and then my home afterwards.

I am always open to questions! So feel free to reach out to me here or on any of my social media accounts!
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