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Denae's Witchy Woo Woo Creations

Build Your Own Divination Box

Build Your Own Divination Box

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✨️🔮Build Your Own Divination Box🔮✨️

Choose from the 3 decks shown!! There's two tarot decks and two oracle decks!

1) Vice Versa Tarot

2) Beyond Lemuria Oracle

3) Tarot de la Nuit

🪄You'll also receive an Obsidian sphere silver etched with moons and stars!

🪄 Four tumbles to use during divination: Amethyst, Opalite, Fluorite and Clear Quartz

🪄 Your choice of either a Lepidolite or Sunstone pendulum

🪄 Large beautiful pendulum board

First time customers also always receive a free gift as well!!

You get all this for just 💲55 + shipping and tax!!

That's a heck of steal!! You're saving almost 25% with this box!! 

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