When It All Falls Apart

When It All Falls Apart

Sometimes, shit just isn't supposed to be. Yeah, it sucks too. We get our hopes up. We get ideas in our head. And when it doesn't work out or come into fruition like we planned or wanted, it can be really fucking tough to deal with. It can honestly feel like the Universe is downright rejecting us. But is it really?

It's hard not to throw up the middle finger to the Universe and scream. Trust me, been there many times! It's like it's an automatic reaction! But it doesn't have to be... this is where being more conscious and aware of our thoughts and actions comes into play. Hey, I didn't say this shit is easy. I will never promise you that. But it will be worth every ounce of effort you put in.

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This morning I was coming up with some ideas for creating more activity within my online groups and community. I had a terrific idea! I was going to give away a magnificent crystal I had bought several years ago! I didn't use it in my magickal workings and I was certain it was time for it to find a new home! Good! Done! Now to take some amazing pictures and post the giveaway! 🚨🚨WRONG🚨🚨 Turn back! Try again! The Universe had different plans!

Before pictures, let me clean it. So I'm gently wiping it off to cleanse it. It's so darn pretty I'm thinking to myself. Am I sure I want to give it away? I don't feel a connection anymore, so maybe I'll sell it and find a different piece for the giveaway. Then BAM! IT FELL APART right in my fucking hands! Yup! Fell apart, into a thousand plus pieces! Scattered all over the counters and all over my kitchen floor! Seriously?! What in the actual fuck?! And you know what my reaction was?? Ideas?? Thoughts?! Take a guess! I'll wait for a moment.

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I laughed! Seriously! I laughed so hard I almost cried! The irony and symbolism of it just cracked me up. Five years ago, hell, even two years ago I would have snatched the plates and cups up sitting on the counter and had a big ole smash festival simply out of frustration and spite! My line of thought then would have been "Fuck it! Let's smash the fuck out of all of it and just be done with it!" And then I would have inevitably regretted my decision with the cuts from cleaning up and trying to figure out how to buy new dishes... But I've grown because I've learned the hard way too many times.

Today I laughed at all those broken pieces. And I remembered why I had never worked with that specific piece to begin with. After I bought it several years ago I found out it was dyed quartz. The day I received it, I brought it home and cleaned it. As I wiped away the dust and sediment I noticed a red color all over my hands! It was dye. I confronted the original seller and we came to an agreement. But you see, I had forgotten all about that! And if this crystal hadn't broke apart it would have got sent out to some unsuspecting person until I later remembered and told them. But either way, a potentially worse situation was avoided. That could have turned nasty, and thankfully it didn't!

After my moment of hysterical laughing at the irony I grabbed the broom and cleaned up the mess. I wiped the counters down and put all the quartz pieces into my strainer. I rinsed and cleaned them all and they sat drip drying. I continued looking at all the pieces and how beautiful they are. Ideas started flowing through my head. I can use these pieces in so many different crafts and projects! And poof, I got it... A lump started to form in my throat and suddenly I understood. I hear ya Universe, loud and clear.

You see, just because it all falls apart doesn't mean it's a waste. Sometimes the pieces can be picked back up and used. That may not always be the case. But at the very least, if you keep your mind open, you can learn something from the situation. As long as we're learning, it's never a waste πŸ’œπŸ’«

Remember my friends - Be willing to learn new lessons. Keep your mind open. And try to laugh whenever you can. It doesn't always have to be doom and gloom.

πŸ’«πŸ’œ Your Ultimate Woo Woo Witch,
Denae πŸ’œπŸ’«

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