The Great Social Meltdown

The Great Social Meltdown

As I'm sure the whole world knows by now - Fb, Insta and WhatsApp went down recently. No biggie, right? Well, yes and no... and here's why...

There are a lot of people who depend on Social Media, whether it be FB, Insta, TikTok, Twitter, and many others for their daily business communications and needs. Many people operate their business solely off of these platforms. So when they do go down, not only are they losing contact with their friends but their businesses are in danger as well. The longer they can't send out updates, put up posts and engage with others, the more damaging it becomes.

So what can people do that solely rely on social media as a business platform?


First and foremost, start researching. Look into free or low cost website and domain hosting sites. Wix works for me, but there are many others! This is where you need to grab a notebook and make some lists. What kind of business do you have? Are you selling physical products? Virtual products? Both? What tools do you need (SEO, Automated Emails, Subscription options, Blog, inventory tracker, etc)? Once you have that down, decide a budget. Then it's all about deciding which website builder works for you. And if you aren't sure, reach out to other people and ask questions! Heck, you can even call some of the potential companies you're looking into and ask their customers service reps questions. Tell them what you need and see what they can offer. You might even get lucky and get a discount!

Next is getting the word out there. And if social media sites go down, how are you gonna do that? Ha ha! Well, this is where good ole fashioned word of mouth comes into play! I started out some time ago by designing and getting my business cards printed. When I go out, I wear my handmade creations and have my business cards handy! If someone asked where I got my earrings, I'd strike up a conversation and tell them about how I made them and hand out my business card! Word of mouth spreads like wildfire and is still an utterly amazing tool that I consistently use!


If you do decide to build a website, I'd highly suggest having a Subscribe area for your customers! This will allow you to communicate with them even if FB, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, etc are down by chance. And don't forget to check into domain hosting as well. Your domain name is a key element in attracting online traffic. Many website builders offer this, but I highly recommend you check into all the options!

And there ya have it! There's some simple tools to get you started on your website building journey! I know it can seem overwhelming, so take it slow and again - reach out for help and ask questions! It's always better to ask than not ask!

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I truly appreciate your support! If you have any questions or just wanna chat feel free to reach out to me!

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