Matching Energy or Defending Yourself

Matching Energy or Defending Yourself

Wooooooo boy oh boy has it been a while!!

Yes indeed it has!!!

Starting at the beginning of last November, things got crazy. I wound up getting seriously sick, injuring my back, my hip, my leg and not being able to get up and walk (or hardly move at all) for almost 3 months. 

Dear Gods/Goddesses, I never wish to experience that again!! 






However, as much as I don't like to admit it, it was needed. I needed to slow down, literally to no movement at all, to go within. To consult with my soul, my higher self.

I'm a stubborn one, I'll admit it. And when I don't feel like doing something, it just doesn't get done. Until the Universe decides to pretzel my ass and say listen here child, it's time!

There was a lot that I had simply been avoiding, not facing and just burying away. And one thing I know, the more ya bury the more that shit is going to come back to bite you in the ass. 

So Universe said to me, "Nope girl, you gonna lay down right here and deal with all that shit you been running from. You don't get to run anymore." And boy oh boy, did I face some shit down. And quite frankly, I still am. 

Which brings me to this post and what I really wish to address - matching energy and/or defending yourself. 

I have a tendency of letting shit build. For many and various reasons, but usually because I'm trying to avoid the drama which then usually ends up causing more drama. LMAO, imagine that!

So when someone comes at me, especially when I don't even know them, and starts saying things that just do not make any sense to me, I usually write it off. I move on, because it's usually just someone being stupid, having a bad day, projecting their nonsense, etc. 

However lately, this level of stupidity and rudeness seems to be more frequent. I don't know what some people's issues have been, but it's like randomly out of the blue I've had people I've never even met or spoken to before coming at me getting nasty AF. For no reason whatsoever too! At least no reason that I am aware of. 


I'm over here in my lane, doing my thing, building my business up, doing what I do and then BAM! Some rando pops a nasty comment onto my business page like I'm some kind of vile villain! I'm thinking, why? Who are you? Where did you come from? Have we met? Did I say something to you 50 million years ago when I was a way different person that I just don't remember? Where is this coming from?

Side note - am I the only one experiencing this type of behavior with increased frequency lately?? Or is there just some funky energy going on currently?

Normally, I'd go through these questions in my head trying to figure out if maybe I actually did say or do something. Or even if or how I know this person. Most of the time, I come to the same place - I don't know the people making these comments or what the heck they're talking about. So again, I'd write it off and move on. Because that's who I am - I don't energy match. Not that crap anyways.

My energy, my vibe, who I am and the person I have worked on becoming is much too valuable to me to compromise.

However, here lately it feels like Universe is trying to tell me something. Like she's trying to remind or help me remember another piece of myself. And that piece is that I can absolutely defend myself with dignity and integrity without compromising who I am. Maybe that's why this stuff has been happening with more frequency? Ya know, another piece of that whole burying things down and not acknowledging things? Another lesson from the Universe, telling me that it can be simple and drama free, and I still get to speak my piece. And then just move forward.

So yes my friends, my point here is that you don't have to match energy with someone to defend yourself. If people are getting nasty with you, being disrespectful or just plain rude, you don't have to just lay down and take that. 

I'm not saying be mean, rude or nasty back to them. There's no need to match that energy, it'll just make you feel like shit later on anyways. But you can definitely speak to said individual(s) and let them know that you are not their rug and they don't get to steam roll you. You're nobody's punching bag. Period. 

How can you go about this?

Each situation is different, but in the end, it's the same concept. You speak up and tell whoever your nasty zinger is that they're done. They do not get to speak to you in such a fashion because you will not take it. If they wish to address an issue in a respectful fashion, that is fine. You're open to that conversation. Until then, exit is stage left. Goodbye and have the day you deserve.

And then walk away. Or close the text. Or hang up the phone.

You get it, however you have that conversation, close it out and move forward with your day.

And it can absolutely be that simple. That's something my best friend reminded me of here recently. I'm glad she did too, because I can make things more complicated when they don't need to be.

Keep it simple. You'll be more happy, especially in these instances.

Now, go enjoy your day! That's exactly what I intend on doing!! It's a Tuesday, and my hubby is off from work (which is rare), so it's time for some of that quality time!

Much love and light to you all, 

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