Healing the Healers

Healing the Healers

I honestly can't remember one specific moment where I stopped and was like "Damn! I'm a healer!" and then proceeded on some majestic expedition. No... for me, it's just always been a gentle knowing within. Even when I was a kid, I knew I was different. The healers lens is beautiful, but can be very hard to handle at times.

This is why the healers need to heal too. There are so many of us out there - healers. Some don't even know that they are a healer. Some haven't yet explored those gifts. Some just are simply not open to it. And that's okay! We all have our own journey to experience, none of us get to escape that!

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More often than not, we have troubled pasts... rape, molestation, physical and mental abuse - and much much more. I was molested as a child by a family member. I didn't really understand at first because I was so little. But I knew it wasn't right. And I felt scared to talk about it. So I didn't. Me not processing that later turned into anguish, anger, rage, depression, self loathing, feelings of worthlessness... and much worse. To boot my Mom worked between 2 to 3 jobs, so I didn't get to see her much and my Dad... well, he had his own set of issues that generally got taken out on the walls and me and my siblings.
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How in the hell does someone heal from any of this? How does someone who has experienced all of this, and much worse, heal themselves much less anyone else

There's not one way or method. It takes time. It takes lots of tears, honesty, processing what we don't want to process and eventually coming to a place of self love. It's a journey. Sometimes cold and hard, but when you push through what you find on the other side is priceless.

Honestly, I'm still on my healing journey. Everyday shows me something different. But I look at it differently now than what I used to. Now I see how my wounds, my traumas, my scars and tears can help others when I work through it all. I get take all of that, my journey and how I've processed it and share that with others. Maybe it'll help someone else exactly how and when they need it. That's what I hope for anyways 💜gif
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But this is how we heal others. By healing ourselves.

Each person's healing journey is as unique as the next. And within each journey, we have to allow space and time to process ALL of our emotions - no matter how difficult or unwanted. And when we do that, that's when the healing starts.

So my friends, especially all my fellow healers, make sure you're taking time for you. Even if it's just to go for a walk, to sit and breathe, to have a cup of coffee or eat a piece of your favorite candy... something, anything. And while in the moment, savor it. It's these small moments that give us strength to move forward.

Sending out so much love ❤🧡💛💚💙💜

💫💜Your Ultimate Woo Woo Witch,
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